OAK Roots

Serve You Rx and Start Healing Now work together to make Narcan more accessible. Together, they work with governments, businesses, and more to install OAKs, or Overdose Aid Kits, in their communities. The Narcan in each OAK is available for anyone to take, no questions asked, to use in an onsite emergency or to keep in their first-aid kit for future use.

Overdose Aid Kits are available for purchase through these pages and through Serve You Rx's OAK Program. This program works to combat the opioid epidemic and provide support to those impacted by substance use disorder, including individuals, communities, and workplaces. The three branches of the OAK Program include making Narcan accessible through our Overdose Aid Kits, providing education on the epidemic and training on how to use Narcan, and promoting the Recovery-Friendly Workplace Credo.